Wild West-An Exciting Christian-animated Movie about Sacrifice vs. Being Selfish!

Watch the Wild West Movie Trailer Below.

Character Tales is an Oklahoma-based company that produces Christian animated movies and books and also sells hand-carved wooden toys for children. The owners, Gerald and Maureen Coury, live in Edmond, OK and Gerald teaches ethics in the MBA program at Oklahoma Christian University.

Final Cover 43 jpegIn 2007, Gerald and Maureen’s retirement took a huge dive and they decided to cash it in and use the money to make an animated movie that their son, Matthew wrote. The movie is told by Chippy the Squirrel who is teaching Wally the Rabbit and Francis the Fox what self sacrifice versus being selfish really means.

It is called Sheriff Hitchock and is about a rooster in a wild west town, Cooptown, a town of chickens. The sheriff is selfish and does not stand up to Buffalo Billy, the town bully. This movie has an incredible ending with a slingshot battle on a high mountain. Annabelle the cow, who became a hostage, ends up the heroine of the movie!

Over 12,000 movies and 12,000 books have been sold and families are asking for more. The next movie about honesty versus lying is now underway. You and your family will love the high quality animation, books, and toys which all have the purpose of clean family entertainment that is hard to find today.

Wild West Movie Trailer

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